Guidelines for Organizing Craft Supplies

The summary of this is you must remember that craft supplies need to be organized as this helps in saving time, frustration and keeps the craft area orderly.Organizing craft supplies is of utmost importance in avoiding loss and frustration. Craft supplies are little items like ribbons, loose beads, glue sticks, sequins and scraps of decorative papers, jewelry tit-bits, scissors, markers and pencils. Items like beads may be packed originally in stapled plastic bags which are so tiny that once opened it becomes difficult to close again, thereby making it easy for the tiny items to fall and get lost. The options are to do it yourself or to hire a good maid service from a professionally run agency.To get going with the task of organizing craft supplies you should first sort out each and every item strewn in the store room or drawers. You must be a little patient while collecting these items and sorting them. Give enough time to gather all the items stored in various places. After you have gathered your stuff throw away the stuff you think are junk. Dried up paste, dry water color tubes and tiny scraps can be discarded. Retain only items that can still be used. For people who are otherwise busy, maid service can be of great help. You can search the internet for such services near your home.For organizing craft supplies you must decide on the location to store these items in your house. Once you have fixed the location, you must organize your craft supplies into different boxes. It is better to use clear plastic containers like boxes with removable lids in which you can see the contents inside. Categorize and divide the items and put them in their respective boxes. Clearly mark what is contained in each box. Use labels made on your computer or a marker for this job. It is good to store items individually and make a list of such items.While organizing craft supplies you will observe that different items need different size or shape of box or jars depending on their shape, size and material with which they are made. Small jars are suitable for tiny items like beads, safety pins, sequins and jewelry tit-bits. These small jars can then be put in a clearly labeled or marked clear plastic box. Markers, scissors and stamps can fit well in a craft supply box. Paint brushes and pipe cleaners can be stored in discarded coffee cans.Compartmentalized plastic boxes are readily available in shops for organizing craft supplies that are small in size like beads, pins, and sequins. After having stored the supplies you must seal every container or box and label or mark them correctly.